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Available Filters

List of Filters available in MeetGavernWP Theme

For theme parts:

  • gavern_thumbnail_caption (you can change captions of thumbnails)

For social links (Every social link can be changed by filter):

  • gk_social_fb_link
  • gk_social_gplus_link
  • gk_social_twitter_link
  • gk_social_rss_link

For the title:

  • gavern_blog_name
  • gavern_blog_desc

For the Theme logo:

  • gavern_logo_html

For metatags:

  • gavern_meta_description
  • gavern_meta_keywords

For Open Graph tags:

  • gavern_og_title
  • gavern_og_image
  • gavern_og_type
  • gavern_og_description
  • gavern_og_url
  • gavern_og_custom

For the breadcrumb (e.g. to change “Meet Gavern WP” to “Home” in breadcrumb):

  • gavern_breadcrumb
  • gavern_breadcrumb_home

For the GK News Show Pro widget

  • gk_nsp_art_title
  • gk_nsp_art_text
  • gk_nsp_art_image
  • gk_nsp_art_info
  • gk_nsp_art_readmore
  • gk_nsp_link_title
  • gk_nsp_link_text

For the GK Tabs widget

  • gk_tabs_tab
  • gk_tabs_content

For example, to change “Meet Gavern WP” to “Home” in breadcrumb use following filter:

function my_breadcrumb_home( $home ) {
return 'Home';
add_filter('gavern_breadcrumb_home', 'my_breadcrumb_home');

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