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Available Hooks

Hooks allows to “hook” a custom function to an existing function, which allows you to modify WordPress’ functionality without editing core files. Modifying these files may create a security loophole and you will have lost the modification when you upgrade your WordPress installation, so we strongly recommend using hooks.

List of hooks available in MeetGavernWP Theme:

Hooks connected with the document:

  • gavernwp_doctype
  • gavernwp_html_attributes
  • gavernwp_title
  • gavernwp_metatags
  • gavernwp_fonts
  • gavernwp_ie_scripts
  • gavernwp_head
  • gavernwp_body_attributes
  • gavernwp_footer
  • gavernwp_ga_code

Hooks connected with the content:

  • gavernwp_before_mainbody
  • gavernwp_after_mainbody
  • gavernwp_before_loop
  • gavernwp_after_loop
  • gavernwp_before_nav
  • gavernwp_after_nav
  • gavernwp_before_post_content
  • gavernwp_after_post_content
  • gavernwp_before_column
  • gavernwp_after_column
  • gavernwp_before_sidebar
  • gavernwp_after_sidebar

Hooks connected with comments:

  • gavernwp_before_comments_count
  • gavernwp_after_comments_count
  • gavernwp_before_comments_list
  • gavernwp_after_comments_list
  • gavernwp_before_comment
  • gavernwp_after_comment
  • gavernwp_before_comments_form
  • gavernwp_after_comments_form

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